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50 percent more data on select wireless plans
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Ends 07/02/2019. $35 plan requires port-in. Excludes ports from the TracFone Wireless Inc. family of brands. Porting your number may be subject to early termination fees from your existing wireless provider. This offer excludes the $25 and $50 Mega plans. Promotional data does not expire with active service. Visit for details.

50 percent more data on select wireless plans

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now get 50% more data on select plans

one phone
$ 35 /mo for one line 7.5GB 5GB of shared*
4G LTE data
Port-in required from
non-TracFone brands
two phones
$ 30 per line for two lines 22.5GB 15GB of shared*
4G LTE data
three phones
$ 28 per line for three lines 30GB 20GB of shared*
4G LTE data
four phones
$ 25 per line for four lines 37.5GB 25GB of shared*
4G LTE data
1 line
up to 2 lines
up to 3 lines
up to 4 lines

Get unlimited nationwide talk and text
now with plenty of data for everyone.


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most dependable 4G LTE network

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Buy for $659,
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iPhone 6s

32GB for $299,
or as low as $16.40/mo

Samsung Galaxy S6

Buy for $199,
or as low as $11.88/mo

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